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Avid Reader's top five summer reads

It's time to prepare your reading pile for the lazy summer days ahead. To get you ready for the upcoming break, the team at Avid Reader shared their favourite books to keep your mind happily occupied as you unwind this summer.

Fiction: Sing, Unburied, Sing
By Jesmyn Ward

"Set in contemporary Mississippi, this novel explores themes of race and poverty in America’s deep south. This is one of those perfectly rendered books that engulfs you. The relationships the characters have with their race and identity, the importance of a person's story, and the ghosts who are still trying to find a resolution to their own stories make this a classic in the making." – Sarah, Book Buyer

Non-fiction: Call of the Reed Warbler
By Charles Massy

"In Call of the Reed Warbler, Massy tells the stories of the regenerative farmers who work tirelessly to undo the hundreds of years of terrible destruction that traditional mechanised agriculture has wrought on the Australian landscape. Through anecdote, research and his own experience, he paints a vivid picture of the beauty and resilience of the Australian landscape, and how we can get just as much food and other products out of the earth by supporting it as trying to dominate it. The most hopeful book about the environment you'll read, showing a clear way out of the looming disaster." – Maddy, Events Co-ordinator

Australian: Tracker
By Alexis Wright

"Tracker is not only the story of the charismatic Aboriginal leader Tracker Tilmouth, but also a biography of hundreds of people who lived with and worked with, for and against Tilmouth. Wright is to be applauded for pushing the boundaries of how to write and how we read biographies. Tracker should be a must read for all Australians." – Kev, Co-owner

Young Adult: The Book of Dust
By Philip Pullman

"Technically a prequel, this book is set ten years prior to Pullman's Northern Lights trilogy and follows young Malcolm and his daemon Aster as they are forced into a dangerous mission to save a baby named Lyra from a terrible fate. It's just such a wonderful tale – courageous, beautiful, exciting ... everything you would expect from Pullman and his mysterious worlds. You do not need to have read any of Pullman's prior books to still thoroughly enjoy this excellent tale." – Chloe, Social Media Manager

Classic: Alias Grace
By Margaret Atwood

"It's been the year of Margaret Atwood, so it feels apt to end the year by revisiting this masterful book that has just recently been turned into a Netflix series. The story follows Grace, imprisoned for the cold-blooded murder of her employer and his lover. Grace is saved from the gallows and claims to have no memories of the events. Dr Jordan, an expert in the field of amnesia, intervenes in an attempt to unlock Grace's memories and find out what really happened that day." – Fiona, Co-owner





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