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Freedom Then, Freedom Now

State Library of Queensland

5th May - 1st October

Question the notion of freedom, reflect on our collective past, and explore civil rights in State Library of Queensland’s (SLQ) exhibition, Freedom Then, Freedom Now.
The exhibition draws on SLQ’s historical collections to explore the freedoms enjoyed and restricted in Queensland, and examine what happens when individual rights intersect with collective good.

Freedom Then, Freedom Now takes a uniquely Queensland look at freedoms won and lost in the state since the 1950s across a number of themes including censorship, marriage, citizenship, dress and travel.

Queensland has been an epicentre of some major advances and hindrances to personal liberties – from Eddie Mabo’s Native Title victory in 1992 to the anti-consorting laws and pink jumpsuits introduced in 2013 – and the exhibition offer Queenslanders the opportunity to learn more about both the historical facts and social context.

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Digital Futures Lab

Venture into the virtual zone at State Library of Queensland and discover a free interactive experience

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Wed, 1 Februarysee all

Hands On Workshops

Vintage trades with a modern twist

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Musical Melodies

This year there are four Musical Melodies concerts, plus the inclusion of the award-winning play Shirley Valentine.

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Dance Classes

Every Body Welcome

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A Room For Wild Animals

An impressive collection from the Queensland Museum vaults

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Michael Benson's Otherworlds

Embark on a journey to the farthest reaches of the Sun’s planetary domain at Queensland Museum

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Happy Birthday Play School

Come and celebrate with Big Ted, Little Ted, Humpty and Jemima at the exhibition celebrating 50 years of Play School, ABC’s much loved television program.

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Kate Beynon: Friendly Beasts

Australian artist Kate Beyond introduces young visitors to four 'friendly' beasts inspired by mythological beings.

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Freedom Then, Freedom Now

an intriguing journey into our recent past exploring the freedoms enjoyed and restricted in Queensland

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Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum

In an Australian exclusive, the international blockbuster exhibition Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum will only be appearing at Queensland Museum

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