Thu, Feb 21


Home: A Suburban Obsession

SLQ Gallery

7th December - 14th July

During the 1960s and '70s, Frank and Eunice Corley roamed the suburbs photographing houses in South East Queensland.

Fifty years on, the legacy of their efforts is an extensive collection of over 61,000 images that indiscriminately capture Queensland housing stock — from the architectural to the ramshackle. Home: a suburban obsession is a State Library of Queensland exhibition about the interesting stories behind the photographs, embraced by a community infatuated by Frank and Eunice’s work.

Through an immersive virtual reality streetscape, art installations, incredible untold stories and rarely seen photographs, peer through the Corleys’ viewfinder to see just a glimpse of their extraordinary obsession.

At Home: a suburban obsession, you will ...

  • Reflect on artwork created by celebrated Australian multidisciplinary artist Ian Strange
  • Contemplate the installation by Queensland designer Jennifer Marchant
  • Immerse yourself in a Brisbane virtual reality streetscape by [f]FLAT
  • Listen to a soundscape and imagine what the suburbs may have sounded like

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