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Summer at Queensland Museum

Queensland Museum

6th December - 31st January

Escape for a day and enter new worlds this summer at Queensland Museum, where you will discover natural and handcrafted treasures across four floors.

Spiders – The Exhibition brings you face-to-face with some of the most formidable and often feared creatures in Australia. The exhibition features 12 live spider species and 200 spider specimens including the infamous Sydney Funnel Web, Trapdoor, Huntsman, Redback, and Tarantula spiders. Weave your way through interactive activities for all ages, including a dance off with a Peacock Spider, build a giant spider and create your own web. Plus, learn about the leading research conducted by Queensland Museum Scientists.

To change up the spine tingles from looking arachnids, step into Yidaki: Didjeridu and the Sound of Australia. Explore the story, from the instrument creation and its diversity of forms, through to its role in ceremony, healing, diplomacy and everyday life. The exhibition includes 30 key objects in a stunning stringybark forest setting, brought to life by multiple audio-visual experiences that illuminate the cultural, ecological and musical world of the Yolngu people.

Continue your journey of discovery into SparkLab and release your inner scientist! Explore 40 interactive exhibits across three zones and discover how science, technology, engineering and maths affects your everyday world. See live experiments at the Science Bar and get hands on at the Maker Space, designing and creating a solution to a challenging question.

Then marvel at artefacts from ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilizations at Antiquities Revealed. Connect with the past and gain insights into daily life, personal dress, technology, food, art and more with objects from Queensland Museum’s Antiquities Collection.

Thu, 1 Januarysee all

Brisbane Arts Theatre 2020 Season

See shows from fantasy to musicals and spies!

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Sat, 24 Augustsee all

A Fierce Hope

A collaboration between six contemporary artists and six social enterprises.

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Fri, 13 Septembersee all

New Woman

A century of women in Brisbane art.

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Meet me at the Paragon

Meet me at the Paragon uncovers the stories of Greek migrants in Queensland.

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Sat, 19 Octobersee all

Jarjum Stories

A celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children’s books and storytelling.

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Sat, 9 Novembersee all

Anne Wallace: Strange Ways

Brisbane artist Anne Wallace’s first major survey exhibition.

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Fri, 6 Decembersee all

Summer at Queensland Museum

A summer of discovery at the museum! Learn new stories and get up close to creepy crawlies.

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Sat, 7 Decembersee all


A blockbuster with incredible experiences to make your summer the best yet.

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Summer at the Children's Art Centre

Join 2 free island-life experiences for little art-lovers at GOMA!

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Wed, 1 Januarysee all

La Boite's 2020 season

La Boite celebrates 95 years of fearless and unforgettable storytelling.

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