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World Science Festival 2019

20th March - 24th March

March means science in Brisbane and World Science Festival Brisbane returns for 2019 with brilliant performances, enlightening conversations and more hatching baby turtles for you to fall in love with all over again.

With more than 100 events on offer you’ll have the chance to hear from Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, world-renowned physicist Professor Brian Greene, NASA Astronaut Dr Yvonne Cagle, Antarctic pioneer Dr Gwen Fenton and more.


2019 Scientia Address
Tuesday 19 March

Join Tim Flannery, internationally renowned scientist, conservationist and writer on climate change, and broadcasting icon John Doyle as they converse about personal journeys, inspirations, triumphs, concerns and the biggest hopes for our shared ecological future.

Time and the Creative Cosmos
Saturday 23 March

With a stellar line-up of Australian stage and screen artists, experience celebration of the human spirit, exploration and discovery. This fusion of science and art highlights our longing to transcend the boundaries of space and time. Through the original choreography from dance troupe Pilobolus, together with eclectic musical and stage performances, acclaimed physicist Brian Greene unveils the mysteries of life and the universe.

Fri, 29 Junesee all

Nature Imagined

Nature imagined offers a new understanding of Robinson's sophisticated vision of his lived environment

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Sat, 22 Septembersee all

Palm Island and Our People

The inspiring history of Palm Island is celebrated in a fascinating showcase of images, memorabilia and digital stories

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Fri, 23 Novembersee all

The Designers' Guide: Easton Pearson Archive

Come behind the scenes of iconic Australian fashion house, Easton Pearson.

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Sat, 24 Novembersee all


The hugely ambitious APT series returns to QAGOMA this summer.

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Fri, 7 Decembersee all

Home: A Suburban Obsession

Queensland homes and the people who live, love and obsess over them.

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Tue, 1 Januarysee all

Queensland Ballet Season 2019

See some of ballet’s most loved classics and brand new works that will enliven audiences,

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Thu, 7 Februarysee all

Kids Collective

Free activities for kids 5 years or younger at South Bank

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Fri, 22 Februarysee all

Brisbane Comedy Festival Family Program

For the first time, Brisbane Comedy Festival is showing a program just for families.

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Fri, 15 Marchsee all

NASA – A Human Adventure

A thrilling journey through humankind's exploration of space.

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Wed, 20 Marchsee all

World Science Festival 2019

March means science in Brisbane as World Science Festival Brisbane returns for 2019!

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