Wed, Dec 19


Palace Cinemas launches Brisbane’s first platinum cinema on James Street

If you thought gold class was plush, wait until you see James Street’s new-look cinema. Palace Cinemas has transformed its James Street outpost into Brisbane’s first platinum cinema, where putting your feet up is just the start of the luxe film-viewing experience.

From international film festivals to special screenings of iconic films, there’s already a lot to love about Palace Cinemas. But now you can add butler service to the list of things this cinema does differently.

Palace Cinemas on James Street has just been completely refurbished, becoming one of just three Palace Platinum cinemas in Australia. Reclining leather seats with footrests (and a compartment for your handbag), choc-top platters and meal delivery are all part of the new experience.

The new concept sees staff offering butler-style service at the press of a silent call button. During a film, you can order meals from nearby restaurants on James Street, including Chow House and Jocelyn’s Provisions, and have them brought to your chair together with full bar service.

The cinema’s opening on 16 November comes just ahead of Palace’s 20th birthday celebrations in 2019 and the Cine Latino Film Festival starting later this month.




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