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QSO announces Star Wars: A New Hope In Concert

In 1977 pop culture history was made when George Lucas released one of the most influential films of all time, Star Wars: A New Hope. The start of an epic saga, the film features an equally monumental score composed by John Williams.

And now it’s time for Star Wars fans to return to where it all began with Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) set to perform the score live to a screening of the film in July, led by conductor Benjamin Northey.

“If you were to ask the average movie-goer to name a famous movie soundtrack, this one would have to top the list nearly every time,” says Matthew Hodge from Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

The film’s iconic music captured the essence of its mythic story, taking out the Academy Award for Best Original Score.

“What’s extraordinary about Star Wars is that it hits that amazing sweet spot – audiences love to hear it and orchestral musicians love to perform it,” Hodge explains. “Even if the music isn’t drawcard enough, audiences haven’t been able to watch the original Star Wars movie on a big screen with a large audience since the nineties.”

The live concert experience is the latest in a series of pop culture symphonies by the orchestra. The announcement comes after the launch of WAVE Festival, which will see QSO perform with Horrorshow, The Kite String Tangle and Luka Lesson. It also comes ahead of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban In Concert in May – the latest in a series of Harry Potter performances.

Hodge explains that these concerts resonate because there are many movies that just wouldn’t be the same without music. Concert series like these are akin to behind-the-scenes experiences that allow audiences to be there as the music is made.

“Dating back as far as movies have had sound, if filmmakers wanted to increase the emotion, the energy, the wonder, the mystery, the grandeur, they did that as much with the music as they did with the visuals,” he says.

“When you watch a movie with orchestra concert, the music comes right to the front of the experience. You might know the opening music of a film like Harry Potter, but when you see the musicians pick up their instruments and produce that well-known tune at full concert volume with that beautiful full frequency of sound you can only get from a live orchestra, it’s an electrifying moment.”

David Attenborough fans will also have the chance to see QSO in action at a screening of Planet Earth II, which will be narrated live by Eric Bana.


Star Wars: A New Hope In Concert
Saturday 7 July, 2018
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.


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