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After 12 years, Lano and Woodley are back

Bumbling antics, slapstick and feel-good laughs were the trademarks of comedic duo Lano and Woodley, who left a hole in the comedy circuit when they parted ways 12 years ago. But now after pursuing solo careers, they’ve announced a reunion tour for 2018.

To comedy, Colin Lane and Frank Woodley are Australia's golden children. And come next year, their beloved alter egos Lano and Woodley will be back on stages.

They announced their return with this post on Facebook:

Remember us. ‘Cause we’re back, and we hope you’re glad. We sure are! It’s been a while. 12 years. Wow. You know Usain Bolt? You know how he dominated sprinting in three separate Olympics? Well, that all happened while we were away. Is our absence from the stage somehow responsible for his extraordinary success? You be the judge ...

Their hiatus ends with the launch of a new show about the Wright brothers. Called Fly, it’s an attempt at serious theatre that is destined to fall to pieces. Their Australian tour starts in Canberra in March, with the Brisbane leg scheduled for June.

Since making the announcement, the pair have admitted they initially split up because they needed a break from each other and their touring schedule. But after performing a one-off show for Melbourne Comedy Festival's 30th birthday gala, they started to entertain the idea of a comeback.

"It feels great and, in some ways, you think about whether it's the right thing to get back together and then you just go, being on stage with Frank is some of the most awesome times that I've ever been on stage with another person," Lane said on ABC News Breakfast.

"It just seems natural to go back and have that fun again and I think the audience really embraces it too, so why the hell not?"


Lano and Woodley – Fly
5–17 June at Brisbane Powerhouse
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