Sat, Jul 2


New arts space Adderton has opened in Brisbane

Adderton: house & heart of mercy is a new unique cultural community space to explore ideas of justice and mercy in contemporary society.

Through contemporary art exhibitions, workshops, talks, events and other activities, visitors to Adderton are invited to reflect on current social issues and be inspired to take a small active step to address some of the causes of injustice in our world.

Adderton is situated within All Hallows’ Convent at 547 Ann Street, Brisbane a site it shares with All Hallows’ School. As one of Queensland’s oldest surviving residences, Adderton is of great historical and architectural interest. Since 1863, Adderton – once home to the Fullerton family – became known as All Hallows’ Convent, the foundation house of the Sisters of Mercy Brisbane Congregation, a community of Catholic women religious.

What's on

There are currently artworks from 13 different artists on display at Adderton, each with their own message. The main exhibition, A Fierce Hope, partners six artists with six social enterprises to explore the social issues each of those enterprises seeks to address. If you're visiting on the weekend, book in for a free Sunday tour.

The story of Adderton and the contribution the Sisters of Mercy have made in Queensland since 1861 in education, health and social welfare is told through free, weekly Sunday tours that include the Mercy Story and of all of Adderton’s current exhibitions.