Thu, Jan 17


Thu 1 Jan - Thu 1 Jan

QSO Unveils 2019 Season

Queensland Symphony Orchestra will perform mighty symphonies, intimate chamber music, captivating live movies, and much more...

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Thu 1 Jan - Thu 1 Jan

Summer at Queensland Museum

There’s even more to discover at Queensland Museum this summer....

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Fri 22 Jun - Tue 22 Jan

Alice's Wonderland

This colourful hands-on exhibition brings science concepts to life for 3 - 8 year olds...

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Fri 29 Jun - Sun 16 Jun

Nature Imagined

Nature imagined offers a new understanding of Robinson's sophisticated vision of his lived environment...

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Sat 30 Jun - Sun 27 Jan


Islands explores the hidden histories of Queensland’s islands and aims to reshape our knowledge of these close but faraway places...

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Sat 8 Sep - Sun 4 Nov

churchie national emerging art prize

‘The churchie’ is dedicated to supporting a new generation of artists...

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Sat 15 Sep - Sun 24 Feb


Mugshots from the Roaring Twenties....

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Mon 17 Sep - Thu 28 Feb


Play, question, test, observe and talk your way through Queensland Museum’s new Sciencentre experience, SparkLab...

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Sat 29 Sep - Mon 28 Jan

Meet the Monkeys!

Go bananas for the world of primates at Queensland Museum’s latest exhibition, Monkeys!...

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Sat 3 Nov - Mon 28 Jan

Dress Code

Dress Code presents five contemporary creative artists exploring fashion as the material embodiment of culture, gender and historical identity....

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